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World Boss is a feature added in v2.9.0.0 Patch. It's a place where a player can join and battle with the World Boss. Each player gets a free attack every 12 hours and the Ascension Sphere Icon  Ascension Spheres reward scales with the amount of damage done.

World Bosses are huge monsters which have a lot of HP, usually into the millions. After a world boss is defeated, the next time it spawns it's level will be increased. Before v2.9.4.0 Patch, world boss stats are scaled with level, so basically with low-level world boss and the super high armor and healing power, the battle would be hypothetically last very long, until the world boss dies, which means with only 1 attack, 1 player could perish millions of HP.

There are currently only world bosses and intend to be added in the near future.

There are 2 input modes currently which are Heroes Allowed and No Heroes. Each mode will have different reward formula, based on damage dealt and total damage dealt:

  • Heroes Mode:$ \text{Prize Pool}=750*\ln (\text{Total Damage}) $
  • No Heroes:$ \text{Prize Pool}=1000*\ln (\text{Total Damage}) $

The reward given to each player has more complicated formulas, where

$ n $ is the total amount of participants:

  • $ \text{Your Reward}=\left (\frac{\text{Prize Pool}}{\text{Your Rank}+20} \right )÷\left (\sum_{k=1}^{n}\frac{1}{k+20} \right ) $

There is another version of World Boss called Super World Boss. It is one of rotating event features which is added in the v3.0.0.0 Patch. It functions similar to World Boss but with limited duration, requires less attack to kill and higher Ascension Sphere Icon Ascension Spheres pool.

World BossesEdit

Lord of Chaos MOAK Kryton Doyenne
World Boss Lord of Chaos World Boss Mother of All Kodamas World Boss Kryton World Boss Doyenne-0
Element: Fire Element: Earth Element: Air Element: Water
Attack: 113 Attack: 191 Attack: 11 Attack: 175
Deal 50 before every turn
-50% per level to area skills
Gains +10 attack every turn
Ignores attacks over 15000 damage



  • All World Bosses have 1 dm (1E300) health value. This can be found in the game's script.
    • Even an immortal maxed Ascended Geum can't beat these creatures because of the limit on turns (100).

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