Stats Tab

In Cosmos Quest, your game statistics referred to more commonly as stats, are important. You will continuously need to check them to find out how much bonus certain upgrades bring or would bring, as much as to see how far you are from certain requirements for unlocking challenges.

Stat SectionsEdit

There are currently 10 main sections.

Total Energy The total amount of energy you have collected.
Idle Energy All energy collected while offline.
Click Energy All energy collected by clicking.
Disaster Energy All energy collected by clicking disasters.
Research Energy Your energy collected by performing Research.
Maximum Energy Your highest energy collected all time.
Maximum Production Your highest energy produced per second.

Total Buildings The total number of all buildings you've built.
(Building) The total number of each type of building you've built.

Clicks Total number of clicks you've made anywhere in the game.
Max Click per sec The maximum clicks-per-second you've achieved.
Disaster Clicks The total number of times you've successfully clicked on a disaster.
Disaster Amount The total number of disasters that have occurred.
Disaster efficiency  ?
Disaster over Click  ?
Energy over Click  ?

Time & Research
Time Played Total time playing the game
Time Offline Total time offline from the game
Back in Time  ?
Research completed # of researches completed
Research Time spent
Research energy used
Research over Time

Time Records

How fast it took you to achieve each species.

Ω Particles
Gained Ω How many Ω you've gathered
Spent Ω How many Ω you've spent
Evolved # of times you've evolved
Big Crunch # of times you've performed a Big Crunch
Big Crunch Time  ?

Quantum Gambling
Play times
Won times
Lost times
Max gained
Highest Bet

Experiment Laboratory
  • Experiments:
  • 1h started:
  • 4h started:
  • 12h started:
  • Gained energy:
  • Max gained energy:
  • Time experimented:

  • Total removed: How many balls of color you have removed.
  • Max removed:
  • Max empty:

  • Perform Miracles: Indicate how much miracles you have performed
  • Chests Open: Indicate how many times you have spin Treasure Chests
  • Daily Quests
  • Max Daily Quests

  • Dimensions Visited:
  • Jumps performed:

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