Species are human's species. They represent the current human age, the evolution and ascension of humanity in Cosmos Quest. There are 15 different stages of species since v2.3.2.0 Patch. The final stage is Drifter.

Every stage of evolution or ascension has their own different disasters and is associated with specific buildings based on development, revolution, and technological advancement.

To get a higher evolution or ascension, you have to have the required amount of energy produced, as seen in the table below.

Evolution Ascension
Caveman 0W


Geneticman 1 Y (1E26) Entity 1 ai (1E56) Guardian 1 as (1E86) Corruptor 1 bc (1E116)
Human 1 M (1E8) Robot 1 ac (1E36) Primordial 1 am (1E66) Mastermind 1 aw (1E96) Destructor 1 bg (1E126)
Prostheticman 1 P (1E16) Posthuman 1 af (1E46) Seer 1 ap (1E76) Creator 1 az (1E106) Drifter 1 bj (1E136)
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Evolution - 6 Stages
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The very first evolution of humankind. Cavemen are descended from ancient apes. They are typically portrayed as wearing shaggy animal hides, and capable of cave painting, like behaviourally modern humans of the last glacial period. Anachronistically, they are simultaneously shown armed with rocks or cattle bone clubs, unintelligent, and aggressive, traits more like those of archaic humans from hundreds of thousands of years before this period.
          Most important of all, Cavemen are the only species who can make fire compared to other contemporary animals. Fire appearances help them a lot in cooking food, rituals, agricultures, generating light, smelting, forging. Generally speaking, Cavemen create the first source of energy generation:

Ovens Fire
Blank Challenges Box
Type: Heat
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 25

Fire provides a source of abundant heat and light, and has a wide variety of uses.
← N/A
Furnaces Furnaces →
1. Caveman
Covered Human

A few million years later, another species has evolved from Cavemen, called Human. Otherwise known as the modern human. Unlike Cavemen, Humans are characterized by upright posture and bipedal movement; manual dexterity and increased tool use, compared to other animals; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies. With said brains, they are capable of high levels of abstract reasoning, language, problem-solving, sociality, and culture through social learning.
         Industry[1] also starts in this age. Many generators are invented such as:  

Hydroelectric Plants Hydroelectric Plants
Hydroelectric Plants
Blank Challenges Box
Hydroelectric Plants
Type: Water-based Generation
Tier: 2
Level: 100 - 550

Same principal as the watermill, but on a larger scale and improved by modern technology.
← Watermills Watermills
Tritium Generators Tritium Generators →
, Windmills Windmills
Blank Challenges Box
Type: Wind-based Generation
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 150

Device that generates energy from the motion of air.
← N/A
Windturbines Windturbines →
, Steam Engines Steam Engines
Steam Engines
Blank Challenges Box
Steam Engines
Type: Drives
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 200

Generates kinetic energy from the motion of boiled water; more or less began the Industrial Revolution.
← N/A
Combustion Engine Combustion Engine →
, Fusion Reactors Fusion Reactors
Fusion Reactors
Blank Challenges Box
Fusion Reactors
Type: Reactor
Tier: 2
Level: 250 - 850

Clean and efficient energy source that smashes small atomic nuclei into larger ones - the same process powers the sun.
← Fission Reactors Fission Reactors
Antimatter Core Antimatter Core →
... These inventions improve and enhance their life.
2. Human
Covered Prostheticman

When Humans know and take advantage most of the scientific and technological knowledge they have and evolve into Prostheticman. Renewable energy[2] totally replaces the non-renewable energy at this age. More over, economic, industry, agriculture, transportation have been drastically improved. We can call this the technology age.
         With more advanced science and technology, astronomy[3] is strongly developing. The Protstheticmen's civilization has reached Type I on Kardashev scale[4], which means they can fully control their home planet. Therefore, celestial body discovering and colonizing planets becomes one of their most important mission to achieve. Humankind now needs new energies and materials for their existence.

Stanford Torus Space Habitat
Stanford Torus
Blank Challenges Box
Stanford Torus
Type: Space Habitat
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 350

Stanford torus is a torus-shaped space habitat, rotating to provide artificial gravity for the inside of outer ring via centrifugal force.
← N/A
Dyson Spheres Dyson Spheres →
and Star Lifters Lifter
Star Lifters
Blank Challenges Box
Star Lifters
Type: Lifters
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 400

Star lifting refers to a process of removing matter from star for another purpose, possibly also optimizing star's lifespan..
← N/A
Black Hole Lifters Black Hole Lifters →
is taken over in the meantime.
3. Prostheticman
Covered Geneticman
          Prostheticmen begin thinking about how to create their own energy by themselves. And when they achieve that, they evolve into a new species called Geneticman. Geneticmen are no longer dependent on technological and modern devices. That's also why they can easily conquer their own home star, their solar system. They begin dabbling in solar system exploration, observation, and energy generation. As a result, they have risen to Rank II on the Kardashev Scale.
           With an auto-creating energy ability, a lot of experiments and buildings are discovered and developed: Tritium Generators Hydrogen's Isotopes Generators
Tritium Generators
Blank Challenges Box
Tritium Generators
Type: Water-based Generation
Tier: 3
Level: 550 - 1,050

Tritium, or hydrogen-3, is moderately radioactive.
← Hydroelectric Plant Hydroelectric Plants
Quadrium Unit Quadrium Unit →
, Space Wind Gather Space Wind Gather
Space Wind Gather
Blank Challenges Box
Space Wind Gather
Type: Wind-based Generation
Tier: 3
Level: 650 - 1,150

Extracts energy from high-energy particles generated by objects in space.
← Windturbines Windturbines
EternalInflationMill Eternal Inflation Mill →
, Antimatter Core Antimatter Core
Antimatter Core
Blank Challenges Box
Antimatter Core
Type: Reactors
Tier: 3
Level: 850 - 1,350

Antimatter and matter destroy each other when the meet, producing enormous amounts of pure energy..
← Fusion Reactors Fusion Reactors
Alice Matter Core Alice Matter Core →
,... Notably, they can finally research the final way to produce energy: Graviton Gather Space-Time Gather
Graviton Gather
Blank Challenges Box
Graviton Gather
Type: Space-Time Gather
Tier: 1
Level: 0 - 500

Gravitons are theoretical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory.
← N/A
SingularityGather Singularity Gather →
4. Geneticman
Covered Robot
          Physical Humans no longer exist. And Robots replace us. Being able to work without getting tired or exhausted, as well as limitless knowledge and abilities, means they have expanded their civilization to a whole galaxy. Every planet, star or solar system in that galaxy has been conquered and colonized. Even the central black hole is conquered too, which leads into the birth of Singularity Gather Singularity Gather
Singularity Gather
Blank Challenges Box
Singularity Gather
Type: Space-Time Gather
Tier: 2
Level: 500 - 1,350

A singularity is a place where matter density is almost or exactly infinite, no volume and an undetermined mass.
← Graviton Gather Graviton Gather
Void Gatherers Void Gatherers →
          Now, human's civilization has finally reached Type III on the Kardashev scale. Capturing the energy of gamma-ray bursts is now a possible power source for a highly advanced civilization. The emissions from quasars can be readily compared to those of small active galaxies and provide a massive power source.
5. Robot
Covered Posthuman
          Robots are humans who transferred their consciousness into robotic shells which gave them a long time to understand how the universe works, leading them to evolve themselves beyond their physical limits, becoming Posthumans.(Alternatively, it could be said the robots are using their processing power to design better robots, these better robots then do the same and this cycle repeats until building the robots is going to take longer than designing them, at which point the robots are going to switch to a method which can quickly change form: Posthuman)
          Posthumans can answer every question in the universe, they can travel everywhere at anytime they want, simply by using their mind. Generally speaking, Posthumans have completely conquered their own universe, its physical laws, particles, matters, dark matters, dark energies; all taken by Posthumanity, making them a Type IV on the Kardashev scale.
          This is the final stage of human's evolution, the only way to go further is Ascension.
6. Posthuman


Ascension - 9 Stages
Image Feature
Covered Entity
         The first ascension stage of Humankind. Once they conquered a whole universe, Posthumans found out that they had to discover something new. Thus, they ascend themselves into Entity. Humans are no longer made up of matter, instead, they are made up of light and energy, similar to supernatural bodies. Entities can control many of the universe's events and periods such as the Big Bang[5] or the Big Crunch (Entity's disasters). They also can travel from universe to universe, but only in a small radius of teleportation with a velocity that faster than light.
          Entities only conquer a few parts of the multiverse. Their civilization almost reaching to Type V on the Kardashev scale. At this point, they can start gathering Alice Matter and developing Multiverse Lifting.
7. Entity
Covered Primordial
          When Entitykind wants to understand more about their multiverse, they evolve into the Primordial. A species that firstly understands and sees different dimensions work but can't travel to them[6] They can see themselves alternate dimensions, even negative-dimensional space. String theory has been validated and used very well. They can also see the timeline of their multiverse but they can't see its future.
          The ascension from Entity to Primordial leads to their civilization reach to Type VI on the Kardashev scale. With this ascension, they have fully conquered the multiverse.
8. Primordial
Covered Seer
          Primordials can only observe and understand how their multiverse work, so their observation and consciousness is no longer expanded wider, beyond multiverse. Inevitably, they find ways to break the limit of their knowledge and power. Therefore, a new species evolved called Seer. Seers can control and travel to any kind of any timeline of any of the multiverses. They can change the past, the present, they can predict and make things real in the future. However, they still can't see or know their future.
          Seers nearly reach to the edge of the existence of everything, anything in between, below, above, anything any being within all can imagine with a name, except God. And we call that edge the Omniverse's limitation - the greatest 'verse which contained every kind of 'verse in it: universe, multiverse, megaverse...
9. Seer
Covered Guardian
          Far beyond the caliber of the omniverse, the ascension of Guardian from Seer happens. Further than omniverse, Guardians not only know everything that happens in their own omniverse, but they also understand how the neighboring omniverses developed and evolved. The icon of a guardian sitting on the hand made with plenty of multiverses or omniverses shows their mastery, authority, and power held and controlled in a size of something that greater than omniverse. Therefore, The Guardian's civilization has reached Type VII on the Kardashev scale - everything in the omniverse or beyond, have been conquered by Guardian.
          In the age of Guardian, some sources of energy are now obtainable: Voids - a concept that proves specific areas lack matter but somehow contain extremely high and special energy. 
10. Guardian
Covered Mastermind
          With the appearances of Void Gatherers and scalable consciousness, Guardians somehow ascend themselves to a greater species. Mastermind is suitable for their next ascension. Their name symbolizing that they are the smartest and most clever species beyond every theory and astronomical scale. Now, they can understand what is infinity and how it's worked. Even the void, or everything that greater beyond the omniverse has been mastered properly. But there is only one thing that they can never know: Gods - who create everything, including themselves.
          With their ascension, they reach Type VIII on the Kardashev Scale.
11. Mastermind
Covered Creator
        And so, the Masterminds have to figure out by themselves how to become the greatest species, who have the most powerful competence and authority. After a long time of discovering and understanding, they reached eternity. Once they did, they ascended into Creators. or as they are better known, Gods. With this ascension, they gain the ability to create anything. Laws of physics, particles, matter, even an entire universe. Beyond that, they can even create multiverses, omniverses, hypervoids or infinity.
         Not only can they create everything, they also do anything they want. As Creators all things are possible. The things which are impossible with men are possible with Creators. Things like parapsychology or supernatural is no longer impossible to them, as they can simply create it. And so Humanity reign omnipotent, controlling everything and anything...
        Even though the Creators are seemingly the perfect and logically, the final form of humanity, it seems there is slightly more to rise, or rather, to fall...
12. Creator
Covered Corruptor
        As Creators gain more power, they start to become drunk on it. Soon, their pride of their own powers begin consuming their rational mind, making them destructive and arrogant. In their madness, they begin on a quest to assimilate everything into themselves.
        The fate of everything becomes unknown at this point, and no one will know what these Corruptors will do to the very state of existence...
13. Corruptor
Covered Destructor
        The more power the Corruptors gain, the less rational they become. This leads them to become the warped species known as Destructors, who know nothing but hatred and spite, seeking to eliminate everything they see. In order to make sure everyone below them fear them, they adopt a grotesque, twisted, demonic form.
        Everything is hopeless, as the once curious and progressive Humans now let their progress lead them to paths that would lead to nothing but evil.
14. Destructor
Covered Drifter
         After the Destructors see that their conquest for destruction is futile and worthless, they decide to move to a new goal, achieving the highest ascension world of their dimension.During their new goal, they must access the Grand Barrier, which is essential for their goal. In their current form, they cannot exit the Perfect Omniverse due to their properties, so they morph into the form of Drifter. Their new form is one that is between both solid and liquid, gaseous and plasma, supersolid and superfluid, existing in a new state. The Grand Barrier has properties to anyone unknown, yet the Drifters being on the same level as it.
         The Drifters attempt to reach the highest of their intelligence once more, adopting a form most efficient as possible, while still looking abstract.
          They, other than the Destructors, have control of everything that has ever existed in their over-dimension. The Grand Barrier is just a home to them, that they want to exit from. They want to find more mini-dimensions, like a curious child discovers things when exiting to his front lawn. They Jump from dimension to dimension, discover new and new technologies and abilities.
          And they are happy.
15. Drifter


Trivia Edit

  • The Creator stage being the final stage might come from a comment by a Kongregate user called finalmaster24 where the player stated that the final stage of the game should be called "Creator." Somehow, it got noticed and the developers went with it. Though the developers did mention that they never said that it's the final stage.
    • Afterwards, several more stages were added over time.
  • The idea of how Posthumans evolved from Robots is taken from a discussion by lorddigi and amplustripudio on Kongregate Forums.
  • There is another version of Cosmos Quest story about species evolution can be found on Kongregate Forums by Dendrek.

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.3.2.0:
    • Add Drifter.
  • v2.3.1.0:
    • Add Destructor.
  • v2.2.1.0:
    • Add a feature that give you 10 Universe Marbles if you reach the new species for the first time.
  • v2.1.1.0:
    • Add Corruptor.
  • v2.0.2.0:
    • Add Creator.
  • v1.7.0.0:
    • Add Mastermind.
  • v1.6.0.0:
    • Max multiplier of Anti-Particles now scales with Species.
    • Add Guardian.
  • v1.4.0.0:
    • Add Seer.
  • v1.2.0.0:
    • Add Primordial.

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  1. Industry is the production of goods or related services within an economy.
  2. A type of energy which can be collected from using renewable resources.
  3. A natural science that studies celestial objects and their phenomena.
  4. Kardashev scale - a method of measuring a civilization's level based on the amount of energy.
  5. Big Bang - a concept state that how the universe is born.
  6. Dimension - a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it.
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