Quantum Gambling is the first mini-game ever released. There are three options: Bet 1%, 10%, or 100% of the player's current energy. There are 8 zones the player can choose. The electron will then go to one of the 8 zones (4 zones for who had encountered the Black Holes dimension), depending on the probability of the zone.

The multiplier represents how much your bet energy will be multiplied upon victory. Multipliers equal 97% divided by the percentage probability of each zone. While in the Black Holes dimension, the dimension's active bonus increases multipliers to 99% divided by the percentage probability of each zone.

Betting reduces the total energy accumulated since the last Big Crunch, therefore also reduces Omega particles received in the next Big Crunch. It's very dangerous; however, it can bring great rewards if used strategically. The Black Holes dimension's passive bonus nullifies a portion of this total energy and future Omega particle loss.

Quantum Gambling bets and losses do not remove research progress. However, unlike Experiment, energy from Quantum Gambling wins, including recovered bet energy, adds to research progress.

Quantum Gambling-based challenges Edit

There are two kinds of challenges for Quantum Gambling.

Amount of gambles Edit

  • "God doesn't play dice": Requires overall gambles. Has 9 levels.
  • "Fortune sides with him who dares - V": Requires won gambles. Has 9 levels.
  • "The sure way of getting nothing": Requires lost gambles. Has 9 levels.

Energy regarding gambling Edit

  • "Fortune is given to brave men - QE": Requires obtained energy. Has 9 levels.
  • "I'm an incurable gambling addict - HST": Requires gambled energy. Has 9 levels.
  • "I don't like losing anyways - UB": Requires energy won from one bet. Has 9 levels.
  • "It's not gambling when you never lose": Requires energy spent in one bet. Has 9 levels.

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