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Omega is an upgrading feature that used Ω (omega) which can be earned after Big Crunching. Omega upgrade are is a permanently mechanic which can multiply your production forever and others.

There are currently 6 omega upgrades:


Image Name Description Cost Effect
Omega 1 Fine-structure constant Doubles production Formula: increase in production(multiplicatave) = 2^​(x-​1), where x is the number of purchases of this upgrade.
Omega 2 Cosmological constant +1% Natural Disasters Formula: Natural disaster rate= SDR(0.99^x)

where SDR is the natural disaster rate before buying any of this upgrade. x is the amount bought.

Omega 3 Add Quark mixing -0.5% building cost Formula: buiding cost = OC(0.995^x)

where OC is the cost without buying this upgrade, and x is the amount of times bought.

Omega 4 Add Neutrino mixing 10% faster research Formula: research speed = BRS(1.1^x)

where BRS is the base research speed and x is the number of this upgrade bought

Omega 5 Add Boson Increase base click
Omega 6 Strong coupling const +0.25 production to click

Strategy Edit

The omega upgrades greatly differ in their value.

Fine-structure constant is by far the most valuable omega upgrade. The returns from this upgrade are far beyond the returns for upgrading any other omega upgrade. The bonus is multiplicative which means that the upgrade remains equally valuable no matter how much it is upgraded. As a result, this should be the main focus for your omega spending.

Strong coupling const is the second most valuable upgrade. After a few upgrades, this will completely dominate the base power gained from a click. If you are clicking near the maximum clicks per second allowed, you can more than double your power generated per second. Unfortunately, this upgrade is additive so each additional point placed here provides diminishing returns. After you've put many upgrade points here, each individual upgrade has a negligible impact.

Add Neutrino mixing is moderately useful. The bonus provided by this is multiplicative, which means that the value of each upgrade remains constant over time. Research can take a tremendously long amount of time, so having this upgraded can be helpful to reduce that time.

Cosmological constant is also moderately useful. It provides a nice indirect power generation bonus. However, the bonus is additive, which means that individual upgrades quickly taper off in effectiveness.

Add Boson is mildly useful very early on, but becomes completely useless with a few upgrades in strong coupling const. If you are Posthuman or higher, it's probably not worth putting any significant amount of points into this.

Add Quark mixing is of extremely low value. On the plus side, this upgrade is multiplicative, which means the upgrade holds a constant value over time. Unfortunately, each individual upgrade has such a minor impact that it takes 138 levels in this upgrade to be equivalent to one upgrade in Fine-structure constant. As a result, this upgrade should be considered extremely low priority.

As seen in the description above, towards the mid and late game the only omega upgrades that will show any significant impact from individual upgrades are Fine-structure constant and Add Neutrino mixing. Fine-structure constant remains extremely valuable throughout the entirety of the game and should always be the main place to spend omega points.

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