In Cosmos Quest there are 2 types of number notations that can be selected in the Options.

  • Short Numbers: Abbreviated version of the full number name. (For example: 35.314 B)
  • Scientific Notation: A number (mantissa) between 1 (inclusive) and 10 (exclusive) followed by an E (exponent) representing the power to which the base should be raised (number of zeros following the decimal point). (For example: 5.2344E10)
Init Name Engineering
k kilo 10^3
M Mega 10^6
G Giga 10^9
T Tera 10^12
P Peta 10^15
E Exa 10^18
Z Zetta 10^21
Y Yotta 10^24
B Bronto# 10^27
a* (larger) 10^30

To use as a template:



1 Y (1E24)


{{Notate|1.53 aq}}


1.53 aq (1.53E78)

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