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Miracles are where followers are produced. There are 9 miracles you can perform to gain followers.

By purchasing Enhances Miracles in the Shop, you can multiply the followers obtained from miracles. This is the table with the following information is yet to be multiplied:

Image Miracle # of Followers # of Hours Followers/Hour
Miracle1 Draw a constellation 4 1 4
Miracle2 Turn water into wine 7 2 3.5
Miracle3 Create a Déjà Vu 12 4 3
Miracle4 Send a 42 over the narrowband 22 8 2.75
Miracle5 Create a donut shaped planet 42 16 2.625
Miracle6 Create a wormhole 82 24 3.417
Miracle7 Bend one universe 162 36 4.5
Miracle8 Create a multiverse Matrix 322 48 6.7083
Miracle9 Create a quest for the hobbits 642 72 8.916

Trivia Edit

  • Purchasing Lucy Minions with no Enhanced Miracles will let you approximately 39.4163 followers per hour.
    • This is around 1,000 followers per day.

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