Jump is a feature that was added in the v2.5.0.0 patch.

It is a progress traveling to other dimensions. It functions like Big Crunch but without soft resetting your profile. Jump can only be done when a player reaches to the final ascension, Drifter.


A guide to Dimension can be found in Kongregate Forums by Dendrek.

When Jump is activated, players have to choose one of three random dimensions where they want to go, as seen in the images below. It is possible for the same dimension to be offered as a random choice.

The first jump to each dimension permanently unlocks a new feature, such as a new building tier. Each dimension applies an active bonus while you are in that dimension. Each jump to a dimension adds to a permanent, accumulative passive bonus that applies regardless of current dimension.

Candy Dimension 8-Bit Dimension Color Dimension Black Holes Dimension Inception Dimension
Aquatic Dimension Cube Dimension Mechanical Dimension Subatomic Dimension

Details Edit

Each time you select a dimension to jump to, the passive bonus increases by the amount indicated below. Unlocks and active bonuses do not change.

Dimension Unlocks Active Passive Increases by
8-Bit 8-Bit Cannon Triples clicks Population production ×# 1
Candy Lucy Experiments time -20% Experiment reward +#% 0.01
Colors Chroma Core Doubles AP spawn Increases AP mult +#% 0.01
Aquatic Hydro Drive Doubles Challenge Bonus Challenge Bonus +#% (.001 / 10).toFixed(1)
Black Holes Reduce Quantum Zones Gambling returns 99% Gambing Omega Loss −#% 0.01
Inception Save last Dimension Doubles Research speed Research time −#s 1
Cube Reduces Energy Orbs Doubles Energy Orbs Damage Energy orbs ASPD −#% 0.01
Mechanical O'clock Fusion Doubles Building Production Population cost −#% 0.01
Subatomic Subatomic Core Quads Disasters Increase Disaster Spawn +#% 0.01


  • The Inception Dimension's background is taken from the photo of the winner in the Photo Contest which is held by GaiaByte, the creator of Cosmos Quest.
  • The Cube disaster multiply clicking was not actually a feature, that was a bug (you could click the disaster multiply times, it was fixed).

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.7.0.0:
    • Add 3 new dimensions: Cube, Mechanical and Subatomic.
  • v2.5.2.0:
    • Add 3 new dimensions: Inception, Black Holes and Aquatic.
  • v2.5.0.0:
    • Add Jump.