A disaster is a random natural occurrence that gives bonus energy if clicked. Clicking on a disaster will give a big amount of energy, equivalent to a certain number of manual clicks. They disappear after 20 seconds.

The starting amount of CPD (Clicks Per Disaster) is exactly 1,000. It can be modified by Milestones which raise the amount of CPD received.

Disaster power is capped at 18,000 CPD, reached the 1,500,000 Follower milestone. Each species has a different kind of disaster.


Image Name Feature
Wildfire Wildfire * (Caveman) Appears as a tree is on fire, may be caused by ignition of Caveman or other natural disasters. The fire will be instantly extinguished after clicked.
Storm Storm * (Human) A black cloud with bolts of lightnings flickering. Thunder strikes after clicked.
Impact Comet * (Prostheticman) A luminous object (comet) in the sky. Clicking on it will occur the impact of it with Earth.
Sunspot Sunspot *(Geneticman) A dark spot on the sun. Explosion on click.
Supernova Supernova * (Robot) A big blue dot (could be the death of a giant star) moving around the galaxy. Gives a big explosion when clicked.
Hypernova Hypernova * (Posthuman) Appears as a sparkling galaxy which is waiting to be exploded by a trigger of a click. Huge explosion on click.
Big Bang Big Crunch * (Entity) A bubble of universe is shrunk into nothingness (similar to Big Crunch) and then appears with a white bubble, clicking on it will release a huge explosion (similar to Big Bang). Other bubbles are effected by the explosion because of the energy released.
False Vacuum Multiversal quantum fluctuation * (Primordial) A multiverse cluster quantum fluctuates into the quantum field. It then moves and disappears later by click.
Time-Continuum Corruption Time-Continuum Corruption (Seer) The Spacetime background is corrupted by a quantum error. It is then fixed after click.
Anti-versality Singularity Anti-versality Singularity


A gigantic point starts radiating a cloud that turns everything in contact negative. It is black on the Hyperversal background and green on the Omniversality Fractal.
Creation Design Disruption Quantum Megaverse Lining (Mastermind) A red lining of megaverses appears in the great flux. It is removed on click.
Quantum Megaverse Lining Quantum Omniverse Lining (Creator) A shiny constellation-like structure of omniverses, similar to the light on the background, appears in the ascendance barrier. It is removed on click.
Total Existence Rebuilding Unstable Corruption Purification (Corruptor) The Corruptor's world is unstable. The corrupt aura off the exa-ascended world starts to wear off. The corruptor authorities instantly recover it on click.
Destructor Disaster Perfect World Revolution (Destructor) The good-souled civilizations of the Perfect Omniverse commit a revolution to stop the evil actions of the Destructors. The destructors instantly rebuild their world on click.

Alternatively, a Destructor gets angry and punches through the space-time continuum.

↓ Below are disasters of Drifter ↓
Image Name Feature
Drifter Disaster

Perfect Omniversal Ascension (non-dimensional)

A Perfect Omniverse starts rising to the next dimension. Any lifeforms inside of it get replaced in another equal Perfect Omniverse. It blasts over the Grand Barrier on click.
8-bit Disaster Glitch (8-Bit) An strange big pink pixel is going down. It speeds up and disappear on click.
Candy Disaster Gummy Bear Revolution (Candy) A gummy bear appears as floating entity in the Candy dimension. It shrinks into nothingness on click.
Color Disaster Color Error (Colors) A desaturated area appears in the Color Dimension which turns any colors into shades of gray. The area recovers itself on click.
Aquatic Disaster Bubble Trap (Aquatic) A bubble that appears in aquatic dimension. It pops on a click.
Black Holes Disaster Unstable Black Hole (Black Holes) An unstable black hole appears in black holes dimension. It disappears on click.
Inception Disaster Errorception (Inception) Cosmos quest gets fatal error. It repairs on a click.
Cube Disaster Cube Comet (Cube)

A cubic comet appears in space. It then flies away on a click.

Mechanical Disaster Intruder Drone (Mechanical) A drone appears in the mechanical dimension. Disappears on click.
Subatomic Disaster Unstable Subatomic Object (Subatomic) A yellow bubble appears in the subatomic dimension. Removed on click.

Event-based DisastersEdit

Image Name Event Feature
Spider Disaster Areop-Enap * Halloween A universal spider at the top left corner of the screen spins silk beneath its net. It then returns to the net after a click.
Candy Cane.Disaster Candy Cane Christmas A multidimensional candy cane appears. It then disappears after a click.

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  • It was a bug that makes the Cube comet disaster can be clicked multiple times.
  • A Twitter status post suggested the Halloween spider is named Areop-Enap, a spider from the Nauruan mythology that is said to have created the world. The post itself is liked by GaiaByte, implying confirmation that the spider is Areop-Enap.
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