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Daily Quest is a PvE feature which has unlimited level. Each level provides additional follower multipliers 0.1%. The Daily quest will reset after 23 hours and 45 minutes.

Just like the old version, you will be rewarded after surpassing every five levels:

Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward
5 50Universe Marbles 35 50Universe Marbles 65 50Universe Marbles 95 50Universe Marbles 125 50Universe Marbles 155 50Universe Marbles 185 50Universe Marbles
10 10Cosmic Coin 40 10Cosmic Coin 70 10Cosmic Coin 100 10Cosmic Coin 130 10Cosmic Coin 160 10Cosmic Coin 190 10Cosmic Coin
15 1Key 45 1Key 75 1Key 105 1Key 135 1Key 165 1Key 195 1Key
20 50Universe Marbles 50 50Universe Marbles 80 50Universe Marbles 110 50Universe Marbles 140 50Universe Marbles 170 50Universe Marbles 200 50Universe Marbles
25 10Cosmic Coin 55 10Cosmic Coin 85 10Cosmic Coin 115 10Cosmic Coin 145 10Cosmic Coin 175 10Cosmic Coin 205 10Cosmic Coin
30 1Hero Key 60 1Hero Key 90 1Hero Key 120 1Hero Key 150 1Hero Key 180 1Hero Key 210 1Hero Key
By exceeding the Daily Quest 60, you might encounter a 1k level Common Hero, which is greatly stronger than any maxed legendary hero. James
Blank Disaster

MAX (LV99)
Damage Icon: 126(-114)Health Icon: 524(-474)
Stand of Legendary

Attack pierce up to
6 enemies
may also appear in those level, a well-known hero as the strongest when maxed because of its Pierce ability.
Further than that, it is possible to encounter any 1k level Rare Heroes, for example a 1k Nimue
Blank Disaster

MAX (LV99)
Damage Icon: 94(-72)Health Icon: 162(-124)
Stand of Rare

Air creatures have
+2 armor
with 755Damage Icon and 1,303Health Icon might appears in the sequence, which is hugely stronger than any maxed ascended heroes, requires at least an ascended heroes to solo. We can take Ascended Rei
Blank Disaster
Ascended Rei
HeroAscended Rei

MAX (LV99)
Damage Icon: 650(-546)Health Icon: 750(-630)
Stand of Ascended

+1 attack to All creatures
every 3 lvl
for the comparison.
Basing on the formula, facing with 1k legendaries or 1k ascended while reaching the level beyond 100 is inevitable. However, no one has ever reached there and witnessed the power of the lineup. Imagine a 1k Ascended Geum
Blank Disaster
Ascended Geum
HeroAscended Geum

MAX (LV99)
Damage Icon: 49(-41)Health Icon: 1357(-1135)
Stand of Ascended

Attacking multiplies
attack by 2
with 425Damage Icon and 11,793Health Icon is surely imperishable.

Old VersionEdit

This is the old version of Daily Quest which only available before v2.8.0.0 Patch.

Every five levels are completed, you will receive the following prizes:

DQ Final Boss

Geum as the "final boss"

Because Daily Quest is based on your followers, you can encounter any hero at any given level. This would mean having a low level common or even max level legendaries at the first quest, which makes it impossible to beat. A hero often appears in the daily quest and he/she always in the last position of a row, representative of the "final boss" of the quest.

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.8.0.0:
    • Full Rework.
  • v2.7.2.0:
    • Add skills tooltip for enemy heroes in DQ.
  • v2.7.1.0:
    • Add Cosmic Coins to rewards.
  • v2.5.3.0:
    • Add the "Fight Max" button.
  • v2.4.1.0:
    • Increase max level of Daily Quest
  • v2.3.1.0:
    • Add pop-up confirmation for Reset Daily Fight.
    • Fix top tooltip of Daily Fight.
    • Visual improvements on Daily Fight.
  • v2.3.0.0:
    • Now has levels. 
  • v2.2.1.0:
    • Added.


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