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  • Overview: Population is the most basic and the very first mechanic that produces energy in Cosmos Quest. It is also known as a tool to unlock other buildings, upgrades or researches. Albeit important, Population usually has low contribution to production. There are 15 tiers of Population, each tier coincides with each Species:
Caveman Tier 0
  • Known as the first evolution of mankind, uses rudimentary tools made with stone, copper, iron, use fire as energy resources to cook and keep warm.
Base Cost Energy Battery.png 4J
Base Production Power Icon.png 2W
Human Tier 1
  • The modern human. They are characterized by an erect posture and bipedal locomotion; manual dexterity and increased tool use, compared to other animals; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.
Requirements HumanHuman.png evolved.
Prostheticman Tier 2
  • A species that can control all of the energy from their home planet and thus relies on fully renewable energy. They start colonizing planets to acquire energy and material.
Requirements ProstheticmanProstheticman.png evolved.
Geneticman Tier 3
  • A species that can control all of the energy from their home star.
Requirements GeneticmanGeneticman.png evolved.
Robot Tier 4
  • A species that has completely shed their organic bodies to avoid their limitations. They likely can control all of a galaxy's energy.
Requirements RobotRobot.png evolved.
Posthuman Tier 5
  • A species that has evolved beyond their physical limits and can most likely control all of a universe's energy.
Requirements PosthumanPosthuman.png evolved.
Entity Tier 6
  • A species no longer made of matter, that has ascended from the universe into the multiverse.
Requirements EntityEntity.png ascended.
Primordial Tier 7
  • A post-multiversal species, that has gained the ability to travel between multiverses.
Requirements PrimordialPrimordial.png ascended.
Seer Tier 8
  • A species that has ascended to the omniverse and comprehend things that all below them cannot.
Requirements SeerSeer.png ascended.
Guardian Tier 9
  • A species that can understand the other omniverses and see the future.
Requirements GuardianGuardian.png ascended.
Mastermind Tier 10
  • A species that has become a group consciousness, clever beyond the comprehension.
Requirements MastermindMastermind.png ascended.
Creator Tier 11
Creator Population.png
  • A species that is effectively omnipotent and can do anything.
Requirements CreatorCreator.png ascended.
Corruptor Tier 12
Corruptor Population.png
  • A species that got consumed by the hubris caused by their omnipotent powers.
Requirements CorruptorCorruptor.png ascended.
Destructor Tier 13
Destructor Population.png
  • A godlike species that knows nothing but evil and spite.
Requirements DestructorDestructor.png ascended.
Drifter Tier 14
Drifter Population.png
  • A species that can go to other dimensions.
Requirements DrifterDrifter.png ascended.