Anti-Particle (or AP) is a mini-game that multiplies your production. The fewer blocks there are, the higher your multiplier is, with later species gaining it faster. You can only remove two or more adjacent blocks that have the same color. New blocks appear in empty spaces at regular intervals.

The multiplier score affects both your click production and your Omega production.

The question mark says that executing the Big Crunch gaining a x1.5 multiplier will reset the grid completely.

The block with 4 orbs is the Refill button. There is a confirmation saying "Do you want to refill the board?".

There are 2 upgrades: One less color and More time. One less color reduces colors in the grid, making it easier to get to 90 empty. More time increases the interval between new blocks.

Anti-particle-based challenges Edit

  • "Oh, what a void there is in things". Requires current empty. Has 7 levels. Icon is same as "One less color".
  • "Seven at one blow!". Requires removed in one click. Has 7 levels.
  • "Patience and Faith remove mountains". Requires overall removed. Has 9 levels. Icon is same as "More Time".

Dimension jump Edit

The dimension "Colors" directly affects anti-particle:

  • Active bonus: The Colors Dimension's active bonus doubles the interval between new blocks. This bonus applies when the block timer reaches zero in the Colors Dimension.
  • Passive bonus: Each jump to the Colors Dimension permanently increases the AP production bonus by 1%, regardless of current dimension. This is effectively a 1% increase to production.

Trivia Edit

Between "Oh, what a void there is in things" and the last gambling challenge, there is a gap, referring to the void in "Oh, what a void there is in things".

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